About Us


The Artist

“Working with my hands and seeing a project from start to finish gives me an indescribable high. It’s amazing to see words and sketches come to life before my eyes.”

Ashley Christophe has always been passionate about visual arts. As a child she would paint, draw, mould and colour and this passion has matured into a profession. Initially pursuing Interior Design at The International Academy of Design, Ashley was able to develop her skills and knowledge in the competitive field. After finishing at the institution, Ashley realized that she loved hands on projects. Her primary position as a Cake Decorator at Dairy Queen sparked her interest in edible creations. Using concepts from school she would take ice cream cake design to a different level. Sophisticated colours, dynamic flower and character designs made out of icing and steady airbrush work gained Ashley the status of a teacher and a veteran designer at the ice cream shop. She decided to expand her experience and take classes with a licensed Cake Decorator. These classes opened Ashley’s eyes to new techniques, new media, and uncovered a talent that was yearning to come out.

For the artist cake design is not only about adding icing to a blank cake, it is about being a part of special moments and memories.

The Process

Custom work, Delicious Taste, and Unique Design. These three elements are what Studio Cakes stands on. Using simple words and pictures Studio Cakes prides itself on captivating their client’s vision in delicious art pieces. Their professional approach allows them to see the complete vision of any requests. Colour, shape, size, mood, as well as client background make each edible creation specific to the event and individual. Studio Cakes goes through a process of thumbnail sketches, material selection and precise colour choices as well as cake tastings to offer our clients choices. Test bakes are done regularly to ensure consistency and consumer satisfaction. Studio Cakes is about going above the expectations. Each cake and baked delicacy is treated as a beautiful piece of art that is sure to be a topic of conversation at your event!